Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens has been recommended to me so many times and we have never visited, so last week we finally made the trek up to Sheboygan to check the gardens out.  I was worried if we didn't visit this summer, my kids would "age out" and I think that is very true.  Olivia had a lot of fun exploring the gardens.  EJ liked that there were a few of her favorite books (like Little House on the Prairie) included. And Jack was a good sport and helped the girls navigate the paths so they didn't miss anything.

After we spent time in the gardens, we headed over to another cool place in Sheboygan, the Kohler Arts Center (full disclosure, I used to work there) and spent some time in the galleries checking out the Arts/Industry anniversary exhibition.  Unfortunately, that was all we had time for as we had to get back in time for soccer practice, but there is a great marina and lots of amazing food in Sheboygan as well.  Despite my aversion to reminding myself of driving there every single day, it really is a fun place for a day trip.