Sassy Cow

Last month, my city kids had some fun on the farm.  But it was really so much cooler than that.  We visited the dairy farm from which we buy our milk.  And given that we buy our milk at our local grocery store, it was nice to have the kids make the connection that we are buying from a Wisconsin farm.  We met the family (actually two brothers and their families) that run the farm.  We toured the farm itself and the creamery.  And, of course, we sampled some of their yummy products too!  No one would ever accuse this household of being super healthy eaters, but I do try to make choices that are semi-healthy and local when possible.  It was nice to show the kids how simple it can be (moving down one refrigerator door in the store and paying pennies more per gallon) to support a family working hard to make great products in our home state.  Besides, with a name like Sassy Cow Creamery, I think they are perfect for this family!