Summer Reading Wrap-Up

This summer we started a new method for tracking reading.  Every time a (level-appropriate) book was read, the kids got a penny to use in the super ball machine.  After 20 books read, they got to choose a reward activity.  Well, the machine has gotten lighter and the jar of super balls has been growing more full.

As of today, we have read 91 books during this very busy summer.  And even though the summer is coming to close, I have a feeling they will reach 100 and get one last reward choice.  I truly have no idea what their last choice will be though.  I haven't been able to guess what they will agree on once so far, so why have it any different for the last one!

Reward #1 - Trip to the penny candy store (each pile represents $3)

Reward #2 - Night swimming at the local pool

Reward #3 - Out to dinner where I had to allow before dinner popcorn & post-dinner popsicles

Reward #4 - Sour Cream & Chive Fries at Saz's (they discovered their love for them at Summerfest)

I've loved seeing their choices and excitement about this method.  And I've loved seeing their reading choices change and their reading improve this summer.  Can't wait to see how this school year changes them yet again!
RobinBrz said...

This is Awesome!! The librarian in me is delighted that the kids read so many books this summer. The superball machine and rewards look like so much fun. Great job all around! :)

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