Summer Weather Might Just Be Here

This last week, it feels as if summer might finally be here.  It took a bit longer than any of us anticipated but we will take the warm weather for as long as it would like to stick around.  We've been trying to enjoy as much time as we can outdoors...biking, walking, exploring and eating/drinking on patios.  It has been awesome!

Last week, the weather forecast included afternoon thunderstorms every single day.  Luckily for EJ and her week at Girl Scout camp, it didn't rain at all during the day (and very little at night).  She was at an art week of camp, but the biggest project has been these lanyards (she even brought some home at the end of the week and got Matt & Jack working on them).

Yesterday we spent the morning at our State Fair.  Normally I go on a weekday with the kids as Matt is not a fair fan, but this year our over-scheduled summer is not allowing for that to happen.  So, Matt spent the morning there with us (and I think he enjoyed himself).  The kids definitely had fun!
AEK said...

Hey! I recognize that place in the first pic! Again so happy that you all made the trek to our neck of the woods. Glad EJ liked Girl Scout camp. This was M's third year going and they make those lanyards every time.

Off to Make More Lanyards said...

I enjoyed the fair! I think going in the morning was a good call. It was nice to spend the time with the fam.

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