First Day of School 2014

They are off to the first day and it is super quiet around here.  Luckily we had a crazy, busy summer which means this house is seriously trashed.  It's not fun work, but it's keeping me busy and less sad to have no one to pick up at lunchtime today.

Speaking of lunch, I packed 3 lunches this morning.  Very weird to put them all into boxes instead of stashing Liv's in the fridge for later.  I decided to do something different with the girls' lunches and included a little joke with a note on the back (free printable here).  When I run out of these, I'm planning to include handwritten ones (using the ideas found here).  I hope it makes Liv have a happy lunchtime.  She was sad this morning that she won't be able to meet Grandma for lunch this year!

You're So Money said...

Very nice of you to leave a note in their lunch boxes. I'm sure it brings a smile to their face every time!

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