Reading List Summary, September 2014

Mom's List
Carry On, Warrior (Glennon Doyle Melton)
Love is a Mix Tape (Rob Sheffield)
The Spark (Kristine Barnett)
Schooled (Gordon Korman)

Jack's List
Breakaway (Jeff Hirsch)
The Girl Who Threw Butterflies (Mick Cochrane)
The Julian Chapter (R.J. Palacio)
Schooled (Gordon Korman)
Million Dollar Throw (Mike Lupica)
The Secret of the Key (Marianne Malone)
Memory Maze (Gordon Korman)
The Land (Mildred D. Taylor)
The Big Field (Mike Lupica)

EJ's List
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Carnival Crime (Donald J. Sobol)
The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame)
April Adventure (Ron Roy)
Thanksgiving on Thursday (Mary Pope Osborne)
Doggy Day Care (AJ Stern)
Lucy (Ellen Miles)
Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors? The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell (Tanya Lee Stone)
Could A Robot Make My Dinner? (Kay Barnham)
The Dot (Peter H. Reynolds)
The Thoroughbred Horse (Gail B. Stewart)
Hands (Lois Ehlert)
Seashells (Ann O. Squire)
The Wonder of Our Solar System (Lisa E. Greathouse)
There's A Hamster in My Lunchbox (Susan Clymer)
Pigsticks and Harold and the Incredible Journey (Alex Milway)
Reefs (Sally M. Walker)

Olivia's List
Fox on Stage (James Marshall)
A Friend for Dragon (Dav Pilkey)
Dragon's Halloween (Dav Pilkey)
A Visit to the Zoo (Joe Slade)
What's Your Favorite Flower? (Allan Fowler)
Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels (Jamie Michalak)
Seed to Plant (Kristin Baird Rattini)
Gulf of Mexico (Pam Zollman)
Duck & Company (Kathy Caple)
What IS an Athlete? (Barbara Lehn)
The Big Box Fort (Johnathan Rand)
Apples of Your Eye (Allan Fowler)
Postcards From Mexico (Helen Arnold)
Levers (Chris Oxlade)
Pigsticks and Harold and the Incredible Journey (Alex Milway)
Can You Find These Bugs? (Carmen Bredeson)
Fall (Ann Herriges)
Could A Robot Make My Dinner? (Kay Barnham)