Thoughts From A Walk

I am so lucky to be able to walk places like this in my little city.  I really value all the quiet country-ish spaces tucked away in our mostly urban landscape.

That being said, here are some thoughts from my walk this morning:
-I spend a big chunk of my time looking at the pretty colors and truly enjoying the quiet.  I spend the rest of my time wondering how long it will take them to find my body (I've watched too much Law & Order).

-Everyone I pass going faster than me is obviously not going as far as me (especially those runner people).  #LiesITellMyselfSoIKeepMoving

-The same goes for those that are dressed cuter and are less sweaty/gross.  Obviously they are just out for a stroll.

-I try to embrace the nature, but it's so hard because BUGS!  But...I try.  My Grandma loved nature (Happy Birthday, Grandma!) and so I think I should too.  I stop and take photos of them every so often, so I guess that counts, right?
Counted 14 of these guys the other day

-Why do people sit in their car for long periods of time in Park parking lots?  How many traveling business-people can their be? Do they not have offices?  Are they drifters?  Are they napping?  This is both a valid question of mine and paranoia from the Law & Order habit.

-There is another park I walk at sometimes that I have named "The Old People Park."  I always leave smiling when I go there because seeing a bunch of older couples walking around holding hands is sweet.  Also, it's a great confidence boost when the old guys tell you that you are moving like lightening...even if they are in their late 80s.
A Nature Walk is Time Well Spent said...

Yes, you've watched too many L&O episodes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

In terms of why people sit in their car in Park parking lots? There is a valid answer. Have you noticed it is exclusively men?

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