Fall and Halloween 2014

October was a little busy so we fit in pumpkin buying together with a visit to see Grandma. The kids couldn't understand why buying pumpkins in the country was so much more touristy/less farm-ish than we're used to.  I told them that it's because when you live in the country, farms seem a lot less fun.

This tree is gorgeous every Fall...for one day.  Then all of it's leaves are gone!  I caught it in progress this year.

Halloween costumes this year were: a photo booth strip, Olaf, and Penelope von Schweetz (from Wreck-It Ralph)

Vanellope was pretty easy to put together once I found the perfect tights (they were for toddlers, so EJ was a trooper for sure).  I bought the other pieces here and there and used actual candy in her hair.

Licorice hair tie and Razzles hair pins.

The easy costume...thank you Disney!  Of course it was actually one of the warmest Halloweens on record.  Liv was boiling hot in there!

I got the idea for Jack's costume here.  We used a foam board and spray-painted it black (which ate away some of the foam).  The photos are color printouts cut to fit (we found tons of fun accessories at the party store & in our playroom) and we attached the board around Jack with these bungee cord type things (they weren't stretchy though).  Jack went trick-or-treating a second night and board needed some reinforcement.  Matt wrapped it in black electrical tape and it was a much sturdier choice.  Matt said if he ever built the board again, he would use tape from the start.

EJ and Matt went to a Day of the Dead event  (the rest of us missed it due to soccer) and (through the magic of face paint and talented artists) became a sugar skull.  Very cool!