Outdoor Skating Rink

Some awesome people in our neighborhood have created an outdoor ice rink in our local park.  It is free to use thanks o their hours of volunteer time and the kids could not wait to check it out.  I found a pair of used double runner skates for sale online for Olivia.  We had a pair of adjustable skates from when my nephew was younger for EJ.  And Jack is wearing my old skates!  Lucky for him, my spine surgery ended my skating career (as if), so my skates are all his!

This was our first time out and they all did great.  Jack has skated before (but not a lot), but the girls have never skated.  It definitely helped that I was not on skates, so I could walk people around the ice a bit.  Matt & I traded off the girls based on who was going faster at that moment.  I see many visits in our future!