2015 Reading Challenge - May Update

Just a little update on my 2015 Reading Challenge.  I'm really enjoying the challenge of reading from these categories.  Of course I've been avoiding some of the bigger challenges, but I do have a few fun options lined up for a couple summer reads.

#9 - A book published this year
The Rosie Effect

#10 - A book written by someone under 30
The Opposite of Loneliness

#11 - A book set in a different country
Dispatches From the Edge

#12 - A graphic novel
This One Summer

#13 - Non-fiction
Shaking the Family Tree

#14 - A book that became a movie
Still Alice

#15 - A book set in high school
The Duff

#16 - A book written by an author with you same initials
The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons

#17 - A book with antonyms in the title
Big Little Lies

#18 - A book that takes place in your hometown
Oggie Cooder (kids book that takes place in my current city)
Scoop (memoir set in my state)

I know it's a little late in the year, but if you're interested in taking on the challenge, you can download the list of categories here).