So, my friend Sandy and I went on an adventure to see these two great guys who are also amazing friends!

We sat super close...

and were very excited!

Meeting Andy and Anderson (even just for a few minutes), was so incredibly cool.  We had a little wait time in line and Sandy even got to ask Anderson a question.  My big line as I shook his hand was Hi!  I was just a little starstruck.  I felt much more at ease with Andy though (who I thought was going to make me nervous but instead put me totally as ease).

We ate amazing food at Stephanie Izard's restaurant, Little Goat Diner.  This is my breakfast for dinner.

And then we had an amazing breakfast at Fabio Vivani's Siena Tavern.  Unfortunately, neither chef made an appearance, but the food was incredible!

Sometimes, a girls's weekend is very needed.  After this trip, we decided that having experiences together is the perfect gift for each other.  No more gifts, just time spent together and fun!