Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week can be difficult if you have a lot of teachers you'd like to thank.  We are very lucky to have this problem as our kids have been blessed with some incredible teachers each year.  So, we try to do small (or handmade) things that show how much we appreciate all their work.

I helped create this idea for the teachers at our elementary school as class gifts.  I found these small photo albums at the dollar store and changed the look by switching out the front and back covers with printed paper and a personalized cover bearing each teacher's name and the date.  The kids were then given fill-in-the-blank sheets about their teachers that the teachers could add to the photo albums.

Sometimes gifts for middle school teachers or male teachers (or in this case, both) can be harder to think up ideas for gifts.  I found this small tackle box and added a mix of candies and created a simple In Case of Emergency label for the top.

I made this orange-themed gift with things I found in an outing to Target.  Small, summer-themed items were easy find and I found the cute polka-dot sandwich bags in the dollar area as well.  I found the "Orange You Glad It's Summer?" printable as a freebie on a blog (I wanted to link to the printable, but can no longer find it).

Last, but not least, my son had a teacher this year who we also saw outside of school as his son was on Jack's baseball team.  I found an American flag drawstring bag and added the fixings for s'mores as well as our favorite baseball movie, The Sandlot.  Fun for the teacher and his family.