A Weekend Trip to My Favorite Place

This summer we decided to road trip to our favorite spot in Wisconsin.  The kids were finally ALL old enough to hike the entire time without us having to take turns carrying one or two of them up the hill at Devil's Lake.  We had an awesome day exploring our favorite hikes and lookout spots.

This is where we got engaged, so we had Jack snap a pic.

After a day of passing peeps commenting on our bright footwear, we figured we had to take a pic of our shoes.

We took a little detour in order to go over on this tiny car ferry.  The pics on the bottom pretty much size up their opinions of the ferry.  EJ was super excited, Liv was nervous, and Jack was bored!  It would have been better on a sunnier day, but that did keep the line short.

We also stopped by the place where we got married and took a tour with the kids (who had never been there before).  The Seth Peterson Cottage was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is tucked away in the forest.  It's gorgeous.

The last day of our trip, Matt headed off on a fishing trip with his brothers, so it was just me and the kids.  We spent the day shopping at the outlet stores, checking out downtown Wisconsin Dells and then exploring Baraboo.  We visited the library, an ice cream shop and a fun game store (and more) before heading back home.