Halloween Fun

It's rare to hit the pumpkin patch in shorts in Wisconsin, but this year was super warm.  It made it much easier for us to take our time to pick out the perfect pumpkin.  Liv found a white one this year!  Matt helped the kids and everyone decided to carve their pumpkins this year.

The kids' Halloween costumes were pretty awesome this year.  Jack was the Ghostbusters symbol.  I used a hula hoop, a cardboard gift wrap tube and red duct tape to make the symbol.  My brother created the mask and sewed the gloves.  EJ's costume was labor intensive.  Her pallette was made of foamcore, so it was easy to created but also caught the wind often while we were trick or treating.  Her brush "top" was made from a Styrofoam circle inside of silver tagboard.  Then I cut the bristles off about 10 brooms and jammed them into the Styrofoam with glue to make them stick.  By the end of the cutting and pressing them into the foam, my right hand felt like a claw.  It was worth it though because EJ was so happy!  Livie was the easy one this year as she wore Jack's old astronaut costume and NASA hat.  The prefect costume for our space & science loving girl!

We got a special package from a friend when we were Boo'ed!  You are supposed to then Boo someone else...

I decided that Boozing a couple people would be much more fun!

The kids also went on a Halloween haunted hike with their Grandma and Great Aunt at a local nature center.  They had a blast and their aunt always like to spoil them with fun toys and she did not dissapoint with these glasses (the eyebrows and mustache moves around when you press the button).