Mermaid & Shark Blankets

I decided to make some fun lap blankets for some special little people for Christmas this year.  The mermaid blanket looks super tiny on Livie, but should go all the way up to the shoulders on the recipient.  So, that should give lots of room to grow, so that blanket can last for a few years.

I played around with the patterns for both blankets, taking ideas from this pattern, this pattern, and this pattern.  The mermaid is mainly done in shell stitch and the shark is just double crochet.  The mermaid pattern was done in Caron Simply Soft (the two blue colors) and Red Heart Party (the shiny, glittery white).  The shark is Impeccable Dark Gray with red and white yarns that I had in my stash.

The actual crochet wasn't too tough, but weaving in the ends of the mermaid blanket was another story!