Reading List Summary, December 2015

Mom's List
Born Standing Up (Steve Martin)
Push (Sapphire)
Holidays on Ice (David Sedaris)
Guts (Kristen Johnston)

Jack's List
Sabotaged (Margaret Peterson Haddix)
George (Alex Gino)
Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)
Mission Titanic (Jude Watson)
Mission Hindenburg (C. Alexander London)

EJ's List
Arctic Freeze (Kristin Earhart)
Rocking Out! (AJ Stern)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (J.K. Rowling)
Winter According to Humphrey (Betty G. Birney)
The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party (Shannon Hale)
The Wright 3 (Blue Balliett)
Merlin (Cynthia Lord)
Appleblossom the Possum (Holly Goldberg Sloan)

Olivia's List
How A Book Is Made (Carol Greene)
Chanukah (David F. Marx)
Bowling Alley Bandit (Laurie Keller)
I Lost a Tooth (Lisa M. Herrington)
Surprises According to Humphrey (Betty G. Birney)
Astronauts (Allison Lassieur)
Bees and Wasps (James Maclaine)
Winter According to Humphrey (Betty G. Birney)
The Chicken Squad (Doreen Cronin)
The Space Shuttle (Allison Lassieur)

Read-aloud List
Lisa and Lottie (Erich Kastner)
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Barbara Robinson)