2015 Reading Challenge - End of the Year Check-In

So I think that I finished out the 2015 Reading Challenge pretty strongly.  I completed 43 of the 52 book categories on the list.  Not too shabby considering I do not read every day.  I did a few creative ways to get the list done, like reading some of my books to the kids (see photo above) and listening to books in the car.  I even forced myself to finish books in the library parking lot before I could go in and pick up my next book from the reserve shelves.

So, here is my final list of books read for the challenge.  You can find the previous lists at the following links: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.  You can find the complete list of categories here.

#29 - A classic romance
Modern Romance

#30- A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't
The Outsiders

#31 - A book you started but never finished
Sneaker Wars

#32- A book that scares you
Ready Player One

#33 - A book with magic
Carry On

#34 - A book set in the future
The Martian

#35 - A popular author's first book
Autobiography of a Family Photo

#36 - A book with bad reviews
Sick in the Head

#37 - A book with a love triangle

#38 - A book of short stories
How They Met and Other Stories

#39 - A book that made you cry

#40 - A book that was originally written in a different language
Lisa and Lottie

#41 - A book based on a true story

#42 - A book set during Christmas
Holidays on Ice

#43 - A book you own but have never read

I didn't finish, but I have definitely challenged myself to step outside of my normal book comfort zone and I have really enjoyed a lot of the books that I know I would not have picked up if it wasn't for the challenge.  My New Year Goal sheet is under Liv's in this photo, but my book-related goal for 2016 is to read lots of fun and interesting books.  I've printed out the 2016 Reading Challenge (and added the categories I did not complete in 2015 to the bottom of the list) and while this year's list is smaller, I'm not sure how much I will follow it.  I'm sure I will if my "to read" list is ever empty, but right now the kids have been adding book after book of their own "must reads" to my stack.