Family NYE Celebration

The kids voted to have another New Year's Eve at home and to again do the balloon countdown.  I wasn't thinking they wanted to do it again this year and they didn't really tell me until that morning, so I scrambled a bit to figure out our evening.  It all worked out and was a lot of fun though.  If you're curious about our past years' celebrations, check them out here and here.

This year we did another goal-setting list and everyone set at least 3 goals for the year.  It seemed that everyone had a couple physical things and a couple learning/reading goals.  The one shown here is Olivia's list.

We played a few board games including Apples to Apples Jr.

We had the typical Wii Bowling tournament with lots of excitement for strikes!

The girls created fireworks rings out of sparkly pipe cleaners...scratchy but fun.

A toast with champagne for the grown-ups and apple juice (in mom's wine glasses) for the kids before our snack buffet dinner.

Minute to Win It games were such a big hit last year that I had to search for some new ones to do this year.  Still one of the biggest hits of the evening.
The kids helped Matt build a fire...

We did some card games as the evening went on to try to keep the small people awake and moving.

We did the Ring Pop toast at 11pm, after watching the ball drop in New York City.  Livie was determined to make it to midnight this year, but we wanted to be sure she didn't miss the fun.

But at 11:45, she looked like this...  So close!  Happy New Year!