Recent Crochet Playing Around

I haven't had any big projects going lately, but I have been playing around with a few small projects and figuring out future projects.  The first project was to "fix" some back headphones I got for Olivia.  She needed some that fit her head better but didn't want plain black.  So, I appealed to her love of cats and added cat ears to the band (no pattern, just winged it).

I started planning for some baby blankets I want to do for a new set of twins and I decided to make single color blankets.  I picked the colors, but didn't know what pattern to do.  I liked the looks of this one and this one, so ended up buying a pattern for a chevron filet blanket.  I liked how it looked, but thought it was too holey for babies, so I ended up frogging it and starting on a different pattern (stay tuned for another post with the finished blankets).

Finally, I have been searching and searching for a pattern for this blanket I spotted on Gilmore Girls.  It is often on Lorelai's couch in the early seasons of the show and I love it.  I really like that each square has a big circle in the center but that is also looks like circles form where the squares meet in the corners too.  These screen shots are terrible, but they are the ones I posted hoping someone might have a pattern.

I didn't have any luck with someone posting a pattern online and I couldn't find anything in books I owned or at the library, so I started playing around to design my own.  I finished this square and liked it but wasn't sure it was quite right.

So, I made 4 test squares to see how they would look put together.  It's hard to see when the photo is this big, but it looks like the circle shows up where the four squares meet.  If you're interested, I've included the pattern below (please excuse my crochet shorthand, I am not a pattern designer!).

Gilmore Girls Blanket Square
Chain 6, sl st to form circle
Round 1 - ch 3, 15 dc, sl st into 3rd chain of beg. chain
Round 2 - ch 5 (counts as 1 dc + ch 2), 1 dc, ch 2 in each dc from round 1, sl st into 3rd chain of beginning ch 5 to end round
Round 3 - sl st to chain space, ch 3, 2 dc, 3dc in each remaining chain space, sl st to 3rd chain of beg. chain to end round
Round 4 - sl st over to first dc space, ch 1, sc, ch 3, sc (ch between the dc clusters) - ch 4 in each corner
So pattern for each side is: ch 4 - ch 3 - ch 3 - ch 3 - ch 4
sl st into beg sc to complete round
Round 5 - sl st into first chain space, ch 3, 2 dc in same space, 3 dc in each side space - (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in each corner space, sl st into 3rd chain of beg chain to end round
Round 6 - sl st to in between clusters, ch 3, 2 dc in cluster space, 3 dc in each remaining side space, (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in each corner space, sl st into 3rd chain of beg chain to end round