Reading List Summary, March 2016

Mom's List
Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer)
Belong to Me (Marisa de los Santos)
Not My Father's Son (Alan Cumming)
Milwaukee County Zoo (Darlene Winter)

Jack's List
Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage (Bob Pflugfelder)
The Lincoln Project (Dan Gutman)
Peak (Roland Smith)
Masterminds: Criminal Destiny (Gordon Korman)

EJ's List
The Lincoln Project (Dan Gutman)
The Spaghetti Yeti (Kate Pankhurst)
You Be the Detective (Marvin Miller)

Olivia's List


I saw these books in the store and thought it might be fun to do some coding with the kids as a project this summer.  Too late!  They are already loving to code (I still think I'll have them work on coding this summer but it won't be introductory).

I recently got the girls a bunch of new shirts from This Girls Tees, and this was one EJ insisted on getting (they are all awesome though!).

Yep, this is the view I see a lot after school these days.  Everyone is much too busy doing homework online and coding whenever they can.