Yoga Birthday Party

Olivia recently decided that she wanted to have a birthday party separate from her sister.  Usually the kids do a friend birthday party every other year, so with the girls' birth dates so close together it's been easy to batch them together.  I'm not going to throw birthday parties a month apart though, so in order to do separate parties, we needed to alternate years.  So this year is Livie's year and she chose to have a yoga class birthday party.

This was easily the easiest party we've ever done.  The kids arrived, took off their shoes, and headed into the class space.  I hung out in the quiet outside in the hallway with this very zen frog.

Olivia decided to collect noodles for the local food pantry in lieu of gifts (because they would bend like a noodle in their class).  She and I also made wish bracelets as her party favor (they got a to-go birthday cupcake as well).  I made these backing cards and tried to create something zen and calm-like.

Olivia picked out the perfect charm for each friend too.

Most of the girls wore theirs as wrist bracelets (you know, how normal people would wear them), but Liv went with an ankle bracelet.  In actuality, she did this because of the "no jewelry" rule for soccer players.  I think it held on much longer on her ankle.