Reading List Summary, September 2016

Mom's List
Jack's List
Click Here to Start (Denis Markell)
YOLO Juliet (Brett Wright)
Srsly Hamlet (Courtney Carbone)
The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing (Sheila Turnage)
Slacker (Gordon Korman)
The Odds of Getting Even (Shelia Turnage)
Kid Athletes: True Tales of Childhood from Sports Legends (David Stabler)
Independence Hall (Roland Smith)
The White House (Roland Smith)
Kitty Hawk (Roland Smith)
The Alamo (Roland Smith)

EJ's List
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (Judy Blume)
Hour of the Bees (Lindsay Eagar)
The Great Shelby Holmes (Elizabeth Eulberg)
Chomp (Carl Hiaasen)

Olivia's List

Fall Sports

We had a new sport this Fall as Jack ran cross-country for his middle school.  It was very interesting to watch meets...Jack is in this group somewhere!

Jack saw a big improvement in his stamina and speed.  I think it really translated to better speed on the soccer field as well.  You will have to imagine this as I took zero photos of Jack playing soccer this fall (it's a huge field and I kept forgetting the good camera).  Ugh!

The girls played Fall Ball for softball and through a scheduling miracle, were on the same team!  It was awesome!

Jack continued working as a soccer referee this Fall and still really likes it.  I wish I knew a little more about soccer as it's a very nice money-maker.

On Jack's birthday we had a little time to kill before dinner, so we went to the driving range.  The kids had never golfed before and I fear we created an interest (and therefore a new expense).  They all did well, especially after we explained that baseball swings do not work in golf.

And of course, I need to show the downside of fall sports...terrible weather! September and October can really be any temperature between 40 and 90, with a chance of rain or flurries.

First Day of School 2016

First day of 2nd, 8th, and 4th grades!