Halloween Happenings

For my kids, Halloween is all about the candy (especially the big trade when you get home from trick-or-treating) and the costumes.  I hated Halloween growing up and before the kids, but I truly love everything about getting ready for Halloween now.

This year, EJ decided she wanted to be a Storm Cloud.  And for the first time ever, she helped a ton with making her costume!  We shopped together, buying a cowboy hat, cotton batting, silver spray paint, blue felt and yarn.  She cut out the rain drops and spray mounted them on to the hat with the yarn.  We worked together to spray mount the batting onto the hat (what a mess) and add the "storm" with the spray paint.  It came out even better than we imagined!

Olivia was much easier as she was dreaming of being a Mad Scientist for some time.  We bought her a lab coat (great for pretend play after Halloween) and a crazy wig.  We added bright green dish gloves and her brother's safety glasses, and she was all set.

Jack's costume came together the night of trick-or-treat.  It seems simple, but getting those glow sticks to stay on clothing with just safety pins and packing tape is harder than it sounds.  He was a great stick figure though.

Earlier in the month, we headed to the farm to get pumpkins and apples.  The kids found some crazy colors this year (bright yellow, white, and pink).

We couldn't leave without cider doughnuts!

A tiger and a super hero?  I don't remember what she said it was, but those are arms!

We got a surprise (and amazing) Boo!

Trip to the Halloween Hike with Aunt Betsy and Grandma