Reading List Summary, November 2016

Mom's List
Turtle in Paradise (Jennifer L. Holm)
The Taliban Shuffle (Kim Barker)

Jack's List
Jingle (Gordon Korman)

EJ's List
The Lemonade War (Jacqueline Davies)
Grow! Raise! Catch! How We Get Our Food (Shelley Rotner)
Savanna Showdown (Kristin Earhart)
Outback All-Stars (Kristin Earhart)
Mountain Mission (Kristin Earhart)
The Kid Who Ran for President (Dan Gutman)

Olivia's List

November Hang-outs

A lot of fun this month and lots of yummy dinners out.  We started the month by finally checking out an amazing Guatemalan restaurant that opened in our city.  It's small but the food is so very good!

The rare full-family selfie!

We discovered that Olivia must have a career designing tees.  She now owns this "perfect for her" shirt!

We voted...

And sported their This Girl best at the polls!

This walk in the rain seemed appropriate post-election.

The girls made a turkey fruit tray for Thanksgiving supper.

I binged A LOT of the new Gilmore Girls (and I'm still re-watching whenever I can)...

Snack post-holiday card photo-taking

I chaperoned my second ever field trip...

And the kids made me super cute thank you cards!

We even got the chance to check out a brand-new restaurant before it even opened!  Liv's face shows how excited we were!  SO yummy!!