Reading List Summary, December 2016

Mom's List
Searching for John Hughes (Jason Diamond)
Rainbow Weaver (Tejedora del Arcoiris)
Talking As Fast As I Can (Lauren Graham)
The Best Man (Richard Peck)
My True Love Gave To Me (edited by Stephanie Perkins)

Jack's List
Kid Artists (David Stabler)
The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase (Wendy Mass)
Weird but True! 8 (National Geographic Kids)
Armada (Ernest Cline)

EJ's List
Kid Presidents (David Stabler)
Big Wish (Brandon Robshaw)
Rainbow Weaver (Tejedora del Arcoiris)
Stargirl (Jerry Spinelli)
The Lemonade Crime (Jacqueline Davies)
Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn't Sit Still (Karlin Gray)
Weird but True! 8 (National Geographic Kids)
The Truth About Stacey (Raina Telgemeier)
Snow White (Matt Phelan)

Olivia's List
Stick Dog Chases A Pizza (Tom Watson)
Rainbow Weaver (Tejedora del Arcoiris)
A Goofy Guide to Penguins (Jean-Luc Coudray)
Living in Mexico (Chloe Perkins)
Hippopotamister (John Patrick Green)
The Water Beneath Your Feet (Ellen Lawrence)
Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn't Sit Still (Karlin Gray)
Extreme Places: The Darkest and the Brightest (Katie Marsico)
Dominican Republic (Byron Augustin)
How Do Fire Trucks Work? (Buffy Silverman)

Science Experiment Date

We had the chance for a parent-Olivia date this afternoon and she chose to do science experiments and make dinner for the family.  This is truly the perfect choice for Livie and says exactly who she is!  We started with the old ziploc bag versus pencils.  She's done it before but she was so little then that she does not remember AT ALL!

After that we did Walking Water (another redo she does not remember) and Rainbow Walking Water.

Then we wowed Dad by walking through a single sheet of paper!

We did one more experiment (Sparkly Explosion) but it happened too fast for me to get a pic!  Finally, Matt and Liv made a Dynamo Torch kit that she received for Christmas.

It was the perfect afternoon!

Here are links to all the how to's on these experiments:
Ziploc Bag vs Pencils
Walking Water
Rainbow Walking Water
Walk Through a Sheet of Paper
Sparkly Explosion

Christmas Cheer

The elf returned and the girls sent Christmas-themed stories back with him the first night.  They are hoping Santa likes them.  They also mailed their letters early in the month.

Catching snowflakes...

Waiting for the Holiday Train...

Our 9th year visiting this amazing Santa!

Holiday Band Concert tie documentation

Bacon chocolate chip cookies

Candy Cane Bombing the Children's Hospital parking lot on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

An album so awesome, I was gifted it twice (by Matt and my brother).  I played it first thing on Christmas Day!

 Unexpected sewing machine gift from Santa.  It's been running ever since it was opened!