Science Experiment Date

We had the chance for a parent-Olivia date this afternoon and she chose to do science experiments and make dinner for the family.  This is truly the perfect choice for Livie and says exactly who she is!  We started with the old ziploc bag versus pencils.  She's done it before but she was so little then that she does not remember AT ALL!

After that we did Walking Water (another redo she does not remember) and Rainbow Walking Water.

Then we wowed Dad by walking through a single sheet of paper!

We did one more experiment (Sparkly Explosion) but it happened too fast for me to get a pic!  Finally, Matt and Liv made a Dynamo Torch kit that she received for Christmas.

It was the perfect afternoon!

Here are links to all the how to's on these experiments:
Ziploc Bag vs Pencils
Walking Water
Rainbow Walking Water
Walk Through a Sheet of Paper
Sparkly Explosion