Teacher Gifts

I think buying gifts for teachers (be it for Christmas or end of the year) is one of the harder gifts to figure out. I mean if you're looking for a winner, definitely avoid apples & mugs right?

Well, last year I gave Jack's teacher a cool necklace that said "teach" and had an apple charm from The Vintage Pearl (but I swear it was cute) and this year I'm giving mugs! Worst advice giver ever!

Anyway, I decided to embrace the teacher theme this year, but of course try to spin it cooler! I started with an initial mug and filled it with a ton of kinds of Hershey kisses (hugs, dark chocolate, caramel, hugs). She has to like candy right? Then I had gotten this cool red patent pencil case from Pottery Barn Kids on super clearance last year (so of course picked up like 8...just in case). So what do you fill a pencil case with? Pencils, sharpener & an eraser right? In this case the pencils are makeup pencils with their own sharpener and the eraser is really a fun lip balm I found here. I hope she likes it!

Oh and Jack's teacher right now is a long-term substitute filling in for his main teacher who is on maternity leave for a few months. So I had to get gifts for both right (I mean she does come back right away in January and Jack loves her too)? So here is her mug (the initials are all so different in style...very cool)!

Not in the mood for searching down a bunch of stuff for the teachers on your list? I highly recommend coffee shop gift cards (what teacher doesn't need caffeine) and mall or movie theater gift certificates. I like to go more basic/general for Christmas, but then try to come up with something more personal for an end-of-the-year gift...I'll keep you updated!