Tiger Party 2010

Well it happened...my little girl became a 3-year-old tiger for the day! And she had a blast!!!

It all started with a designed-by-mom invitation that actually turned out pretty darn close to how I envisioned it! EJ said "It's scary, but I like it!" I mean what little girl doesn't dream of a Wild Animal party? Oh wait...just my daughter? Wouldn't have guessed it from all the readily available princess party things I found while scrambling to get this party together!

{photo by Pass the Cereal}

It turned out really great though...we made some awesome decorations.

Made some crafts and played a couple games...

And then the real stars of the show arrived...the wonderful Miss Nancy & Miss Molly (or as EJ calls them, her "singing teachers") came and did a special happy hour for us with lots of singing, dancing and reading - all with an animal theme of course!

I couldn't resist sharing this pic...isn't she so sweet? Just a little shy at times...

We topped off all the fun with some animal-themed snacks and of course tiger cupcakes!

Aren't they the cutest things ever? They were super tasty too! Thanks again to my friend Jackie for making these awesome treats for us!!!

Don't worry Livie...Daddy said you can have cake in one month! (I am so in love with this photo by the way!)

Want the simplest way to entertain a group of little girls though? Have no plan for the balloons (cause you only bought them because they were perfect for the theme) and throw them on the living room floor.

I think the girls could have played with them all day!

Even Olivia got in on the action.

And the fun goes on...this is our playroom post-party (and cleanup of course)!

{photo by Pass the Cereal}

I think it was the perfect celebration for this perfect (well in mommy's eyes) little girl! Happy Birthday EJ!

Unless marked otherwise, these awesome photographs were taken by {tsj} photography (or as we like to call her, Auntie Tracie). Thank you so much!!!
Jackie said...

Finally! I was so excited to see all those pictures! It was definitely a FUN party! It was Tigerific! You did it again supermom...fabulous decor, crafts and food! Way to go! Another one for the memory books!

southern daze said...

What a FUN party! Love the decorations & adore those cupcakes. I'm thinking between you and Tracie you could run one heck of a successful party/event planning business :-)

tracie @ tsj photography said...

so ... should we go into business again? ;)

it was a fabulous party for one fabulous little girl!

i sat watching her at the party and it brought tears to my eyes thinking about what a blessing she is ... to all of us.

you worked so hard and went through so many emotions to bring her home ... to all of us.

how blessed we all are ... thank you for being you and for all you've done and do for everyone.

i love you guys!!

Bridget said...

Wow! I am jealous I didn't get to go to EJs party! Heather, I am just amazed at your abilities to turn simple events or activities into extraorinary creations or adventures. And Jackie... awesome job on the tiger cupcakes! So many talents... and it sure looked like all the girls had a blast!

beckley said...

love it!!!!
and great photos!

love that one with livie in the background.

so, so sweet...wondering, did she shoot those with a 50mm or does she have a 35mm? i want a 35mm so i can shoot in my little house! :) or, a f/2.8zoom, but that's another $800 day :)

loved it- so fun!

Unknown said...

super cute! I love the details! all the little tails were so cute!

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

Karri said...

I was just searching for ideas and found this party linked on creativepartyplace.com! YAY heather!

Unknown said...

Where did you find your animal tails.

heather said...

@Robin - I believe they were from Oriental Trading Company. Hope that helps.

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