Countdown to School

I originally saw this idea here and changed it a bit to create a help project for our quickly winding down summer. We created Countdown to JK (junior kindergarten) boxes for some pint-sized friends of ours in the neighborhood...12 mini prizes to help count down the final 12 days until the first day of school!

We started by saving quite a few egg cartons. Take the top off of each one and also remove any flaps. (Oh and be sure to tell Dad that the bowl full of eggs in the fridge are not hard-boiled!)

Then fill each space with a small toy or treat. Ours were filled from a grab bag of mini toys from OTC as well as a mini candy bar and a quarter to round things out.

The original instructions called for shaving down the dividers (evening out the entire top) and then adding a tissue paper cover over the entire carton before adding your circles. However, we were using too big of items to make this work. So instead, I cut larger circles of tissue and covered the entire circle (this worked better over some items than others...we had some big swag in there).

I tried to cut the second color of circles even larger (which helped) and overlapping the two papers made a difference too, but in some cases I did end up doing a little patch work. Luckily tissue paper and white glue make a very forgiving combination!

While the glue dried, I created little notes for each carton. We did two color schemes as I find the pink vs. blue debate rages with the 4-year-old set!

When they were dry we packaged them up with a little baker's twine and Jack did doorstep deliveries. We had one casualty due to the evening rain, but other than that, I think they were well-received. Hope everyone is enjoying their countdown to the big day (9 days left)!
emilee rose said...

What a cute idea!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

you are a crafting, gifting, creating genius my friend!!

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LOVE these! Such a cute idea! :)

Leslie said...

Stinkin' cute, my dear!!

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