Homemade Watercolors

My kids love to paint and while watercolors seem the easiest, we tend to have some issues with the standard box of paints. EJ can't quite seem to get the water-to-paint ratio and Jack hates having to rinse his brush between every color as it slows down his process.

So, I was thrilled to give this recipe for homemade watercolors a try. This is all you need to make your own paints.

Mix 3T baking soda, 3T corn starch, 3T white vinegar and 1 1/2 t light corn syrup in a glass bowl. The mixture will bubble a bit (which the kids thought were super cool) and when fully mixed will be thick and a milky white color.

We added food coloring to each cup and the colors came out bright and vibrant.

The kids got right to work and had a great time creating with these awesome paints.

As the colors dried, they lightened up a bit, but are still gorgeous. In the photo below, the bottom paintings are still wet and the top have already dried.

Overall, this was an awesome project. The paints were simple to use, even for EJ, and worked very well. Because you need just a few materials that we always have on hand (and a small quantity of each), I know this is something we will do again! Next time I think we'll do some color mixing with our food coloring to give the kids more color choices for their creations.
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super duper cool!!!!!!

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