Animal Themed Gift

Olivia's gift is not as elaborate as the others, but I can assure you it will be well-received. When Jack turned one, we gave him a monkey chair from Pottery Barn Kids. He didn't love it as much as we had hoped and so we never really got them for the girls. Well lately, that chair has been in high demand! There is pushing, shoving and (sometimes) sharing...but usually there is a fight for that one chair!

I looked to see what critters might be available now (6 years later) and found only these. I thought they looked too babyish (for the kids and my living room!), so thought we were out of luck. One day I decided to check craigslist and I hit gold! The chairs aren't perfect (good used condition), but they are perfect for us.

{And the best part is we got these for a steal!}

The chairs went perfectly with our book idea for Olivia too! The girl LOVES animals and we needed to supplement her collection (the life span of a loved board book is apparently about 6 years also), so I went to work shopping for some fun titles for her.

{The Sweet Smell of Christmas, That's Not My Penguin..., The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Poky Little Puppy set, Peek-a-WHO?, The Very Hungry Caterpillar soft book}

Did you notice that there are two caterpillar books above? Most loved book in this house (maybe having something to do with Matt's love of this book?)...I think those are probably our 5th and 6th copies (and we gift it to new babies all the time too)! I tried to order some more of Matt's suggestions (his favorites as a kid) but they were all out-of-print. So in the end, I just went for well-reviewed, sing-songy, fun-looking ones.

I'm excited to read The Sweet Smell of Christmas again. I know I had it as a kid and I know my kids have never seen a scratch-and-sniff book before, so it will be fun to check it out together!
still envious of your gift-giving ability said...

hey! did you ask me about an animal chair i had for the kids?? i'm vaguely remembering you did? if you did, i totally just remembered where we got it ... babystyle! member that place?

anyway! loving your themes for the kids!

Jackie said...

I had the Sweet smell of xmas as a kid too and remember scratching off the orange til it didn't smell anymore. Then, i saw it a couple years ago in the store and IMMEDIATELY had to get it for the kids. It is a fave in this house!!

cute gift, she'll love it!

southern daze said...

Oh my goodness...I'd totally forgotten about scratch and sniff books! I loved them!! Thanks for helping me reminisce a little on this crazy busy morning :-)

Leslie said...

I still have *my* copy of the Scratch and Sniff Christmas book from when I was a kid!!! (And yes, it still kinda smells!!)

Karri said...

I totally forgot about that book! I must get it!!!! Thanks for the reminder :)

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