Handmade Gifts Are the Best!

{etch-a-sketch gadget case by tracie}

As I sit here in the thick of attempting to finish the handmade, crafty gifts I planned for so many on my list this year, I find I question whether it's even worth it. I mean are handmade gifts really appreciated any more than a store-bought gift or even a gift card?

{DREAM embellished notebook by tracie & altered book journal by leslie}

But then I looked around my house and realized that the things that I love (usually either use like crazy or display for all to see) are the gifts that were made just for me by the hands (and hearts) of some of my favorite people in the world!

{"i love you blogs & diet coke" print by nellie & flip flop initial hoop by emily - ps that awesome paper doll calendar is also designed by emily and is available right here!}

And yes, that means it's back to work for me!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

this post is perfect timing {as i sit covered in modpodge, thread, glitter, glue and now baking ingredients!}!

LOVE all your handmade goodies and i love that you instilled a handmade spirit in me! :)

Jackie said...

I'm with Tracie :) It is worth it, I love all the time you take and all the beautiful things you create! (and I peeked at my kids presents and they are adorable :) And I have always liked making homeade stuff but since meeting you, I strive for it so much more because I have realized how truly meaningful it is!! So Craft on my friend!

emilee rose said...

That etch-a-sketch is ADORABLE! And I love your wall of handmade goodness--and not just because I happen to be featured twice.

I think handmade gifts are ALWAYS better than a gift card or store-bought gift. They always have more thought and love behind them.

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