More Holiday Fun!

This weekend we had a lot of Christmas fun (and tried to let Daddy study for finals as much as possible too)!

We visited Santa (as you can see, Olivia was not a fan)!

We made a paper chain to decorate the living room (each kid made a chain of their choosing and then we connected them together to form a super chain).

EJ and I made red velvet sandwich cookies. They were easy and they are yummy, but WOW are they filling! I had one for dinner and was seriously stuffed!!!

And we capped off the weekend at a kids Christmas program our friends performed in...the ride home was a recap of the show as my kids could not stop singing the songs and telling their favorite joke ("I like pie!" - show stopper I tell you). Awesome experience for all of us!
Christine Jacobs said...

I'll have to show Lauren that her performance made your blog. When they give a 5-year-old one line - and what a line - they're sure to have laughter. :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

yay for good weekends!! and many thanks {again} for truckin' all the way down to the show!

Sadie said...

Can't blame Livie for not loving Santa, I don't think most kids do at that age. And at least you can't blame the Santa, he looks pretty good!

Those cookies look amazing...must make. Happy Holidays!!

emilee rose said...

Looks like lots of fun!

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