Felt Counting Book

A dear friend forwarded me this link last summer with the message, "You could totally do this!" Oh how I loved the idea, but completely doubted my ability. So I bookmarked it and forgot about it...until I started searching for Christmas gift ideas and came across my bookmark.

I have a lot of littles in my life right now (including my own Miss Olivia) and I knew this would make the perfect gift for each of them. As you can see, my book is very different from Cat's, but my design was very inspired by her beautiful book and how much her son loved it!

I chose the felt colors (all bright and bold against the "eco" brown) and Jack helped me choose the shapes for each number.

I tried to secure each piece of felt but also leave pieces free for little fingers to explore (especially the diamonds above and triangles below). I varied the stitches to give different textures (#5 is squares done in cross-stitch) to touch too.

I personalized each cover with nicknames and coordinated the edge stitching color to the cover.

My favorite part was the year that I back-stitched on the bottom of the back cover. I have one more to do for a birthday this month (I did 3 for Christmas) and I can't wait to stitch to 2011.

I don't know about the other kids, but my one-year-old is certainly a fan!
tracie @ tsj photography said...

i don't even have a little anymore but this just melts my insides!!!

southern daze said...

Seriously Heather, you are a absolute crafting queen! Love it!!

emilee rose said...

SO cute! Those turned out great!

Jackie said...

seriously girlfriend, get yourself a sewing machine...the possibilities are endless... You are so so good with this stuff and I love that you take the time to do it (whether you lose sleep or not :) simply adorable!

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