Ten on Tuesday: Easter Weekend

This week I thought I'd share 10 pics from our Easter weekend.  It was a lot of fun family time (even with a very sick EJ...she was a trooper).

1) Setting up their Easter bunny trap!

2) Filled baskets ready to be hidden.

3) The Easter bunny escaped their trap but used some of my craft twine to make them "follow the line" to their baskets.  This involved crawling under furniture...

4) ...and untwisting twine from every which way (and yes, Jack is wearing the pjs St. Nick brought him on Easter...it's still cold!!!).

5) All dressed up for the day.

6) We celebrated Olivia's birthday with my family on Easter.  She's getting pretty good at blowing out the candles.

7) Jack was good on his Lenten promise to give up his DS, but started playing again during naptime.

8) In all honesty though, we played a lot more games like these this weekend.  Jack & I are now so addicted to Farkle that we might start touring competitively!

9) Olivia saw her first movie (Rio) and loved every second! (Don't be alarmed by her weird face, she just didn't want to stop watching the previews to take this pic.)

10)  And finally, this is what happens when you decide you have to make Jelly Bean Cookies on the Thursday before Easter and find that the grocery store is out of jelly beans!  Well, I should say this is what happens after you beg your peeps on Twitter & Facebook to tell you where the jelly beans are, then beg you husband to buy 2-3 bags on his way home, and then find the 3 big bags you had stashed in the basement (but completely forgot you had).  Oooops!
southern daze said...

You had 3 bags already?! Love it! Totally something I would do :-)

Looks like the kids had fun on Easter & I think it's great that you make them work to find their basket. It makes digging in that much sweeter. Fun, fun!!

We play a dice game similar to Farkle with my mom & the girls. It's pretty addictive.

Emily said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!

Rachel said...

Farkle is the best game EVER! (Tho its similarity to bar dice is often confusing to yours truly)

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