Summer Fun No. 16, Date Weekend...or eating our way through our town

Some weekends you just have to get out and eat your way through the tastes of the town!  Matt was still out of town, the weather was nice, and I was done with we hit Noodles, we went out for breakfast doughnuts, had a picnic before swim class, and headed out for a frozen treat too!

I'm not allowed to drive to the newest sensation in our town anymore though.  It's a frozen yogurt shop (and it's tasty) but it's right by our beloved ice cream/candy shop and guess who is getting all the business right now?  It was so bad when we were there that even Jack noticed and asked why no one was at the ice cream shop (which we had parked right in front of).  Well, I'm sure you guessed that even though we had just had a treat, I headed in and bought a couple of pints to take home.  I feel for the little guy darn it!

Even little people need a pick-me-up right?  Just's just chocolate milk in a to-go coffee cup, but I couldn't resist sharing this pic of little miss grown-up!
southern daze said...

Three things...

1. I'm now craving doughnuts!
2. I LOVE seeing your DC can paired with your yummy doughnut (I used to do the same thing!)
3. I too would SO have gone in & bought something even though we were full of sweet treats. I always feel for the little guy.

Oh wait, a bonus..
Love you my friend. For all of the above reasons and more!!

You Should Apply for Sponsorship said...

Good point Cindy about the DC can. I wonder if we went through H's photos how many appearances would there be. Kinda like a Where's Waldo - I'm sure there is a can in every picture, just have to find it.

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