Birthday at the ballpark

Jack turned 8 yesterday (although I teased him all day that he wouldn't actually be 8 until he woke up this morning given his 10:30pm arrival time), so we celebrated on Saturday with a family party and visiting a lot of great sites through Doors Open Milwaukee (loved this event).  Jack's favorite part of the day though (well, besides his first visit to the Safe House) was touring Miller Park.  

It was our second tour and just as fun as the first time.  The last time we went Jack was 3 1/2 so for him this was a brand-new experience, but Matt & I still learned a lot about the park despite it being a repeat.  Speaking of repeats, I remembered that we had taken a pic at the 400 sign in the outfield last time we visited, so I had Jack pose for the same pic.  I knew it would be a little different because of the new scoreboard, but I didn't expect this result.

Not just a little different, right?  So instead, I'll have to show you this photo of the three of us from the last tour to prove how much Jack has aged (please don't take note of how much Matt & I have aged, okay?).

One last great thing happened to Jack this weekend...he got this new toy (and he hasn't put it down for very long since).

Happy 8th Birthday Jack! 
southern daze said...

Sounds like a GREAT way to spend a birthday. With you at the helm of the planning I have no doubt fun was had by all. Most importantly, what kind of cake did y'all have????

8 Years Already! said...

I forgot what a baby face he had! It was a very special day planned by a very special mommy. These are the things he'll always remember.

Jackie said...

Fun day and fun toy!...I may have seen that around this house :)

AEK said...

My Miss M desperately wants one of those too! Too cool. Love the pictures. Jack is so lucky to have such a special and loving family.

Sadie said...

EIGHT! Happy Birthday Jack!

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