Family Hiking Trip

Before we had kids, we used to go on hiking trips a lot.  Last year we did a trip where all the paths could handle a stroller (because the 15-month-old was not walking) and it was a good start.  This year everyone braved the trail and I have great hopes that we will be adventurers again!  Sure there was some carrying of little girls, but I was impressed at the distance & terrain they covered.

That big body of water you see above is the Mississippi River.  We spent time in both Wisconsin and Iowa, so crossed the river at least once a day.  We visited hiked at Effigy Mounds National Monument, Wyalusing State Park and Pike's Peak State Park...loved all of them!

See Liv's arms in this one? She has her "goggles" on searching for a clue.

Matt wasn't a big fan of this sign.

Heading to cave exploration (sadly my pics in the cave did not turn out too well)

Jack is coming down from the cave on this ladder.  It was so steep that we made him come down backwards (I went down forwards carrying Livie first...oops!).

Brave girl!

The two of them kept collecting acorns.  When I asked them to leave them on this table while we looped around on a trail, EJ screamed "Squirrels!" and then they stuffed them into their pockets for safe-keeping instead.

Taking a break from hiking at a cool playground we found in Prairie du Chien.

This is a waterfall we hiked out to see.  A little different than last year's views!

We did some car games and we also did some of the activities while hiking in the Wisconsin Explorer books, but the favorite activity was making nature bracelets again.

Overlook at Pike's Peak (named by the same guy who named the more famous peak in Colorado).

Boat trip on our final morning...

Bald eagle sighting (we saw another one flying too) cool!

This trip was awesome! In addition to all the outdoors time, there was lots of swimming and eating and resting and reading and just hanging out laughing.  Can't wait to plan the next one...
When are we going again? said...

Such a fun trip and i like the time we spend as a family. I hope the kids remember it as fondly as I do.

Karri said...

very cool! my kids would love this!

AEK said...

That staircase is impressive..I am in awe of you climbing down it while carrying Livie.
Great shots!

southern daze said...

What a fun adventure!

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