Fav Foto Friday, Fast

I took my camera to soccer practice this week to capture my oldest running his heart out on the field.  Instead, I found that the littlest one fit the theme just a little more this week.  Between her bravery to try the tallest slide (and the rock climbing wall and whatever else she sees someone else try) and her constant running (little legs pumping, arms flailing) to catch up to her siblings, this girl is the epitome of FAST (at least in her own mind)!

Linking up with Nora - see more fast action at Fav Foto Friday!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I love the photo of your baby flying down the slide! Hope you guys have lots of fun today and all weekend.
~ Wendy

Love Her Smile and Laughter said...

That girl makes my smile every pic I see. Both of these pics are endearing. So much of her wants to be as big as the other kids. Soon enough Liv!

nora said...

Love this! The smile crossed with just a bit of terror. I think our thirds would play well together - we would need a nap afterwards.

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