Fav Foto Friday, Fun Run

Today is Jack annual school fundraiser, the Fun Run.  He did really well and although he did not make his personal goal, we think he did the best job he could do (and that is really all we ask for).  We are very proud of him (and hope he is proud of himself too)!  It was really a lot of fun to watch Jack and his friends run their hearts out.

Unfortunately, I only had one cheerleader with me this year (last year I had 3), but she certainly was fun to watch.  Now to warm the two of us up again.

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What a Trooper! said...

Jack did a great job! He gave it everything he had, I know he had stomach cramps but kept forging on. Not surprisingly, he was keeping track of laps and knew exactly where he was at all time. I'm certainly proud of his efforts!

Jackie said...

I certainly saw one heck of an effort once again! AND...fyi...we did get confirmation that the laps were just a little bit longer this year and that darn wind had to slow them down a little!! Still..awesome job everyone!

nora said...

Yea yea yea! Starting runners young!

And we have chilly cheeks too today.

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