First Day of School 2011

And we have two eager kiddos off to school!  Well, in all honesty, EJ was pretty nervous this morning, but once she was in her classroom she was all smiles and ready to go (and this year, I even got a hug goodbye)!

Livie is dying to go to school too.  See how pleased she is with having to stay home with me?

Not happy at all.  In fact, as I took this photo she said "I sad Momma"...poor kiddo!

Don't worry though...a little Blue's Clues and a kid-size rocking chair (new to her, but she can't read Jack's name on it right?) have really improved her mood!
Jackie said...

Poor Livie! She needs a BFF so she has something to look forward to every morning (because I swear that's how Abbie didn't get sad...she looked forward to seeing EJ every morning at that age!)

southern daze said...

Ahh...poor Liv. Don't tell her but I just may have included a little treat with your book to give her something "schoolish" to do too :-)

Karri said...

Poor Livie!! She was so cute yesterday, talking about school, and how she needs one.

The kids look darling. I hope they had a great day!!!

Natalie Merchant in My Head said...

interesting pics - jack seriously has sprouted, ej's dimples are working full effect, liv looks soooo sad. these days are going to go by quick.

AEK said...

The first day of school for M, C keep saying "C school too?" Luckily we did have to go into the school for a PTA meet and greet so she was happy then.
Here's to a great school year for all!

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