Pete the Cat

We read first read Pete the Cat in July.  It was an instant of those books that the kids fight with you about when it's time to return it to the library.  That being said, I had no idea that Pete was a phenomena outside our house too...he's everywhere!

Recently Julie at Happy Home Fairy posted this video and we have watched it too many times to count (even more than their previous favorite).  He walks along singing his song all the time in this office.

Be sure to check out Julie's post if you are a fan of Pete or if you liked the video.  She has lots of great Pete-themed activities and games you might enjoy.

I just saw that there is a new book about Pete going to school.  I can't wait to check it out, because if I have to read a book about cats (and trust me, we read them all), it may as well be about a positive cat like Pete.
Leapfrog and Ladybugs said...

LOVE this book... we met the illustrator about a year ago at a festival and he was as nice as he could be... he sat down in the middle of his booth & read the book to my kids... gives me even more incentive to support him & his work! :)

Happy Home Fairy said...

Thank you so much for the shout out!! This was such a nice post. I am so happy that your Happy Buddies enjoyed that video! We watch it everyday!

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