Ten on Tuesday, 10 Questions

Some practical, some not...

1) What options do I have for our old crib?  It's gorgeous and was high-end 9 years ago when we purchased it.  However, it is also a now banned drop-side crib.  ???

2) Anyone have a great Halloween costume idea for an 8-year-old boy?  He has been a chef, a baseball player, and an astronaut in recent years.  This year we've got no ideas.  Ugh!

3) How do you organize hair bands/clips?  We don't use anything fancy, but the Ziploc bag method is not working so well anymore.  I've seen big glass jars full of everything (which look really cool), but I need to be able to fish through them easily for type/color.

4) Is it a sign that I watch too much reality tv that I am considering Caesarstone countertops based solely on their partnership with Jeff Lewis?

5) Do you have any recommendations for apps for the ipad for phonics or sight words (pre-K level)?  We have been using this site on the computer, but I'd love to find a couple apps so that the girls feel more like they are playing a game.

6) How about math apps?  I'm looking for an older level on this one.  We've been using this site (especially the multiplication trainer), but again I'd love an ipad app so Jack could work on his own.

*We highly recommend My Spelling Test! Jack has been using it to study his spelling words each week and it is a super easy way for him to test himself each day.  Best of all, it's free!

7) Who is excited for the Missoni launch at Target today?  There are so many cool things.  I hope you've saved your pennies.  Just don't buy these flats I've been drooling over for the past month, okay?

8) Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome The West Wing is/was?  I mean I guess I knew and that's why I avoided it (to avoid being hooked) until now, but I've never heard anyone go on about it or anything.  I borrowed disc 1 from the library...I watched the pilot...10 minutes in I was hooked.

9) Have you ever heard of a washer putting stains ON your clothing?  If so, how did you fix the issue?  We recently bought a new-to-us, but still pretty new, washer (top-load, side agitators/no center blades, detergent & softener are added by the machine during the cycle).  Now every time I use it, at least 3 pieces of clothing are ruined with yellowish/light brownish stains.  I thought it might be sunscreen on the clothing, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

10) What are they putting in the Rolo McFlurry that has me so addicted to them?  My first one was disappointing.  I expected Blizzard mixing/consistency and they are really more of a sundae.  Two weeks later,  I had to try another one.  Now I have a problem!
Karri said...

Hoo boy...lots of stuff to answer and I have answers!!! (except the Rolo McFlurry. Ew.).
And the washer. Mine is brand new, LG, hE. Does the same damn thing - I narrowed it down to figuring out that it was happening with whites when I use bleach. I found out that this is not uncommon. Not sure why, though.

I have to get ready for a meeting, but I will be back [/arnold]. In the meantime...
1) i've seen cool benches made. i have them bookmarked.
2) a racing sausage? fave book character? classic halloween, like ghost or vampire or skeleton?
3) more to come
4)no. love him.
5 &6 ) more to come

p.s. we also like spellingcity.com. and we're asking for an app store GC for a birthday gift. I figure its better than a DS game, right?


Karri said...

Crib uses

Jackie said...

I have MANY of those same questions and so not a lot of answers today. However, I have seen a bunch of uses for cribs but I'm not crafty enough for them...and I know too many people with your same problem!! Now, if I had sisters that would get a move on....all 3 could have free cribs!!!

I've seen some cute jewlery/stuff boxes for the hair stuff...

I want those flats!!!!!!!!!!!!CUTE!

Will email you more stuff because I have too much else to say and will clog your blog :)

nora said...

I was kind of hoping that you woudl come up with the hair binders response - for the life of me - beyond the three bow keepers we have, I have no idea what to do with 3 little girls' bazillion hair binders.

I have several girl friends who work for corporate Target and their dicussion was that the Missoni line is gone already. Bummer. Big bummer.

Halloween costumes: Tin Man from Wizard of OZ, a road - with yellow lines down his body and sewed/glued on cars/trucks, a spider - fangs and 8 black tube socks, Harry Potter, a Lego, a Jack in the box....,

Karri said...

Hair accessory organization:

We have these GLIS boxes from IKEA. They snap shut and are stackable.

In one, I keep pony tail holders. In another, all bobby pins (er, that's more for me, but whatev), and in the 3rd, I keep cut ribbon.

For barettes and bows that are on alligator clips, I have a holder like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/79372243/canvas-with-initial-hair-bow-holder

However, I've seen other things used, like:
The ever popular chicken wire memo board-turned hair bow holder

Using a french memo board

And finally...
headband holder out of an oatmeal container

beckley said...

stains can also come from your water source to the house- sometimes it jsut needs to be screwed on tighter. learned that after ruining a lot of clothes...

water people should check that for free...

and i'm falling asleep so i have nothing fun to say- all business at the moment =)

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