What Crazy Project Is Going on Here?

That is what Matt said when he arrived home last night...and by then it was just cabinet doors open & things rearranged (school night for Matt).  Although, I think in the last 20 years, he has gotten very used to my crazy projects.  You see last week, I was cleaning the house and I got done and realized how gross our house had gotten this summer.  So this week, I set to "deep cleaning" the dining room (I'm hoping to do a room per week).  Lots of unpacking, cleaning, putting stuff in the donation pile, and reorganizing has been done this week.  Yesterday I spent the entire day (when not carting kids about) working on the glass cabinets (3 small like in the pic above & 2 tall on the opposite wall).  This part of the project added a degree of difficulty...washing dishes!  Ugh, how I hate that job!  It was an exhausting day and there was a point where I wondered why I am such a nut, but I am thrilled with the reorganization and I love knowing that the cabinets, as well as the things inside them, are all clean.

What I do not love is knowing what I am NOT doing while I'm cleaning.  For one, I need to get a family get-together planned for this weekend (cleaning the entire house, menu planning, errands, etc. are on the agenda for today).  Also, I have lost any "me time" I have in a day.  This week has also marked my return to exercising (way overdue), so any free time I have has been spent on a treadmill or yoga mat.  Good for me, but not as fun as adding to this work-in-progress (although I did spend some time on it while watching Empire with Jack this weekend)...

And I would really love to keep watching my newest show obsession or read one of my many library books.  Maybe I can smuggle a book to the soccer fields this weekend? 

I guess the best part of the Fall cleaning obsession is that by the time it gets unbearable to be outside, your house is perfect to snuggle up in and just hang out doing your favorite things.  If only I have enough time to finish that blanket!
Jackie said...

Love the blanket! Jealous of your deep cleaning because I love that feeling when you are done and I can not find time for it...UGH! and you will NOT bring a book to soccer this weekend...or I will bug you even more so you can't read :)

beckley said...

Be careful- those books might have germs in them.


good for you- and yes, whenever i take on those projects i keep thinking about what I'm not doing. These days, though, I just work and think about all the house cleaning i'm not doing. i need a maid. =)

AEK said...

Love the colors in the blanket! It is going to feel so great when you are all done with your deep cleaning. I love purging and donating that unused stuff to groups in need!

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