Work-in-Progress Wednesday 11

It's a different kind of WIP Wednesday today.  Sure I've finished a couple small projects and I'm still plugging along at the soccer ball pieces, but the main work I've done this week is emptying out our kitchen (and the basement, but I am not going to show you that). 


Yes, you may have noticed that the kitchen is still two different colors.  I was always planning to finish up the grey, but it never quite happened.  It looks as if the kitchen will be demolished later this week (nothing is positive, but emptying the kitchen in a manner that still allowed me to find things took some time) and then I'll be painting it a brand-new color.  I'm really excited!

Today I need to work on emptying the pantry spaces, removing the hardware & my radio, and determining if I need to find a new home for the food in our fridge (or if we can possibly disconnect the water line and move it into the dining room).

We may or may not have a new kitchen finished for Christmas, but I'm pretty happy we're starting on the project (seven years after we moved in & agreed that it was the first thing we needed to change)!

UPDATE: Looks like it's a good thing I packed the kitchen so things were accessible.  Our cabinets did not make the truck this week, so demolition is moving to the end of next week.
Jackie said...

I was going to say, how exciting...finally! but then I changed my mind...well, I mean it's still exciting, but ugh! too bad you have to wait another week! I guess your kitchen will be a Christmas present this year :) and we'll still be baking in my oven?! :)

AEK said...

What a chore! My mother in law just finished redoing her kitchen before Thanksgiving. She said this holiday was the best one yet and I think it was due to her Finally(!) having a dishwasher. Hope everything will go smoothly for you!

cyndi said...

SO exciting!!!!!

Karri said...

Funny that you started your kitchen project right about the same time we did 2 or 3 years ago. (no, ours was not done for christmas).

Yes, you can disconnect the water line. I can ask Chris how he did it if you can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be getting a new kitchen I do hope there are no more holdups and it gets done by Christmas!!!

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