Fav Foto Friday, Prepare

There has been a lot of preparing going on in our house this week...some Christmas related, some just fun!

Preparing to truly "get it" this year! (she has been a blast to watch so far)

Beginning to celebrate all the wonderful lights and decorations

Getting fancy new specs

Getting ready for dance class

Getting rid of a mullet (this is post-mullet with a sassy face)

Being extra grateful for the little things...her for the Tigress pez dispenser, me for that gorgeous little girl (and her dimples)!

Linking up with Nora - see more preparacion at Fav Foto Friday!

Lucky Papa said...

Love all the pics. Brings smiles to my face!

AEK said...

I think glasses are in our future too..Miss M goes to the eye doctor on Saturday! Love the pics as usual.

vaneblu said...

The pez dispensers looks like a fun tradition?

nora said...

Snazzy new glasses! And the purple tutu is one of our favs - its even made its way into the school wardrobe for C. Its the little things. Love that sassy face - the braid on that little head looks durn near impossible! Elf fingers?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos- thanks for sharing. I love your cowls in the previous post too- both are beautiful!!

sara said...

Hello there Heather,

Love all the festive preparation going on at your house, it's fantastic when the little ones start to 'notice' Christmas and have fun discovering what it's all about and joining in.

The cowls are gorgeous in your previous post.

lily x

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