Santa Time

The kids visited the man himself...and Liv wasn't even scared this year.
Gift requests:
Jack - Wii game
EJ - doll house
Olivia - a know, a real one!

We wrote and mailed our yearly letters at the Make-A-Wish mailbox.

And we watched The Grinch.  This is EJ comforting Livie (even though she was the one that was scared).

The big day is getting closer and we are trying to make a little magic this week...finally!
Tis the Season said...

I love how Liv walked right up to Santa without hesitation. So excited!

stephanni :] said...

how sweet, love the last pic where she is comforting her sister! i love that movie, it's one of the greats! :o) happy holidays!

Sandy Ploy said...

You left out the part about the amazing magic they created for me. SOOO SPECIAL. xoxox

AEK said...

Love the pics as usual. We tried to see Santa but instead the Grinch was there! Caroline of course wanted nothing to do with him. Maybe next year!

jessica said...

Very cute Santa picture! I also loved how sweet EJ was in comforting Olivia during the Grinch ~ it is kinda scary, but such sweet sisterly love!

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