Origami Heart Bookmarks

There are heart projects all over the blog-world these days, but I can't say that I've been feeling ambitious enough to try them out.  However, this heart bookmark tutorial caught my eye.  Jack & I tried our hands at creating origami yodas just last week (inspired by reading this book) and I figured if I could do that, I could definitely manage these beauties.  I snuck the one shown above into Jack's book when he wasn't looking and that inspired him to try his hand at it too.

 {sorry about the yellow pics...it was dark outside!}

It is a really nice tutorial and easy enough for both of us!  One tip if you are using one-sided paper...start with the pretty side down and your heart will end up colorful!
Kathleen said...

Your bookmarks are gorgeous, I love that paper. I had real origami paper like that as a kid, it's so beautiful! But a lack of beautiful paper isn't going to stop me from trying the bookmarks out with like, post-its instead. ;) They look like fun.

Crafty Intrigue said...

What pretty bookmarks. I may have to try that project.

Janette... said...

Such a good idea, might have to try these with my daughter for Valentines day!

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