Santa Doesn't Tune Guitars

Since Christmas, Jack has picked up his guitar to play it a little and it has been out of tune.  Painful to listen to out of tune actually.  So during Sunday naptime, we went to the internet for a little help.

With the help of this site, I got his guitar sounding much better.  I can't say it's completely in tune, but it's the best I can do (I haven't tuned an instrument in probably 15 years or so) and it sounded a lot better.

Then we found this chord helper and spent the afternoon playing around trying to match the finger patterns and sounds.  Who knew that you could do so much with a guitar and a mouse?

We've got to get this kid into guitar lessons though.  He is loving playing around with the guitar, but I know how much more he would love it if he actually got the chance to learn a song or something!  He's also pressuring us to let him join the orchestra at school.  I figure if we're going to head into music lessons, we should start with an instrument we already own right?
Jackie said...

We need to do the same thing... we've just been talking about lessons, different instrument but still...figured it would help if he actually knew how to play a real song!!

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