Seasons Change

I have not been doing so great with Livie off at school most mornings.  The house is too quiet, I have no one to talk to when running's kind of lonely.  Yes, I know most of you just called me insane...out loud!  I get that and I know that things will change before I know it.  However, I realize now that even though I never, ever, ever planned to be a stay-at-home mom, clearly I was meant to be one.  I've never been home alone (I've dreamed of it, but it doesn't usually happen) and I miss my goofy girl.

Luckily for me, the weather has been awesome the last couple weeks, so whenever the kitchen work crews have not been here to keep me company, I've been trying to get outside for a walk.  I am also really lucky to live in a city with an amazing park system.  I mean, I live in a city (not a huge one, but not small either) and yet I get to take walks with these kinds of views!  What is also very cool is that these paths are super accessible to the city.  There are busy streets right behind where I was standing to take both of these pics, but if you plug in your headphones and focus on the pretty stuff, you can easily forget where you are.

As you read this, we are supposed to be getting a bunch of snow.  I am not happy about saying goodbye to these warm days (or as my friend dubbed it...January Spring), but real Spring will be here soon, right?

P.S.  I tried to make a little joke with my post title there, but all it did was make me sing this the entire time I was writing...ugh!
cyndi said...

I used to love that song! No surprise there, right?

I know what you mean about being lonely...I think that's how I find myself in a funk from time to time. Staying busy is good & I recommend you finding things you can only do by yourself (seeing a movie, lunch with friends, etc.)so you have something to fill your time with. Hugs, my friend!!!

Jackie said...

I may have been singing that song immediately as well!

where was that first pic taken? i keep looking and can't figure it out. got the second one though, seeing as our xmas card has that backdrop :) oh and yes you're insane! but i get it, i had that same thing at first but it went away quickly :)

Anonymous said...

You are lucky, and you will adjust to the change... life has many seasons, this one too will pass. Beautiful shots- you live in a lovely piece of the world! Jxx

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